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From nanar@altern.org
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:14:32 +0200
Subject globe_l: [ Austria ]

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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 19:12:47 BORT
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Subject: Austria

Police kills again

In the night from the 19th of may to the 20th of may the austrian police 
shot a person they said, he was a drug-dealer. This man is the 3rd dead 
person in the last 3 weeks, killed by the police of the new FP÷VP-"law and 
On the next day, the 20th of may the police beat up a manifestation against 
the killing of the expected "drug-dealer". At least two persons were sent to 
hospital, one with a concussion of the brain. One protester was arrested.
It seems that the police tries to criminalise the protests against the 
right-extremist government more and more.

÷KOLI-÷kologische Linke
Postfach 28
A-1153 Wien


FPOE-leader of Lower Austria: SS-slogan "Unsere Ehre heiþt Treue"

"Unsere Ehre heiþt Treue!" ("Our honour is fidelity") said the new  elected  
party-leader of the FPOE in the county of Nieder–sterreich ("lower  
austria") Ernest Windholz in the party-congress where he was elected.  The  
new leader of the fashist FPOE in Nieder–sterreich is also member of  the  
austrian parliament and a prominent politician of the FPOE, which is in  
power together with the right-conservative OEVP since february 2000. 
Nieder–sterreich is the biggest county of austria. We apply to continue 
protesting against this right-extremist  government.

÷KOLI-÷kologische Linke
Postfach 28
A-1153 Wien


Haider for an authoritarian System?

On Monday, the 15th of May J–rg Haider said in a Press-conference together 
with the FP÷-Ministry for Justice Dieter B–hmdorfer, that he wants sanctions 
against austrian politicians, who do not stand behind the government and 
against the sanctions of the EU-14.
The sanctions against austrian opposition-politicians should result in "the 
lost of the political position of every politician, including the Federal 
Dieter B–hmdorfer said to this idea, that he will think about it. And even 
÷VP-Ministry for internal affairs, Ernst Strasser said, that he will look at 
Haiders proposal in detail.
We think that this is a very dangerous step forward to an authoriatrian 
system and we ask you for youre international solidarity. Protest against 
the austrian government and inform the people in youre organisation and 
youre country what is going on here.

÷KOLI-÷kologische Linke
Postfach 28
A-1153 Wien


Anti-racist Activist arrested

On May, 27th several police raids took place in whole Austria, which had the 
pretended objective to crack down a drug dealer organization. During
this action up  to 100 people, mainly asylum seekers from Nigeria, were 

Except the size of the action unfortunately nothing that unusual in this 
country. But it gets a lot more interesting when you look at some details:
One must at least be naive to not see a relation from this action to the 
killing of Marcus Omofuma, who also was born in Nigeria, during his
deportation from Austria on May, 1st. And: As  alleged "boss of the 
organization" the antirascist activist Charles O., who also was very active 
in the
actions against the killing of Marcus O., was jailed. A lot of people, who 
know him, can tell how ridiculous these accusations are, but this isn't 
the point of interest. The police said that they had been investigating 
against this organization since quite some time, but only recently found out
who the boss is. This raises the question which the criteria of selecting a 
boss was. How perfidous he instructed his subordinates should be proved
by recodings of his telephone conversations like: "Always get the attention 
of passer-bys,  shout loud and beg for help against the rascist
infingements of the police." Other persons (like us) could think this is a 
typical hint for people, who have to deal with rascist repression, and nor 
any way an unusual comment from an antirascist activist. To point  it out 
exactly: The arresting of Charles is
an attack against an antirascist activist and nothing else, the whole action 
a try to break the resistance against rascist Austria. So the police states,
that the jailed persons also dealed with drugs on a manifestation against 
the killing of Marcus Omofuma,   and that their "boss" released them from
their drug dealing buisness (!!!) to demonstrate. With this action the 
police also trys to again polish up their image, which was slightly in doubt
because of the killing of Marcus Omofuma. And after all it is allowed to 
kill drug dealers (At least thats what a lot of people are thinking). This 
the killing of Marcus Omofuma shall be legitimated a posteriori. And really: 
It is tried hard to construct interrelations between the arrested and
Marcus. Someone should have known him. Very interesting.

Mission completed, a very well timed action. Now it is again possible for 
the police to undisturbed seperate and search people with a darker skin
colour out of the subway (what they actually have intensified right now). 
The last voices which protest against the rascist actions of the police will
become silent. The killing of Marcus Omofuma: Forgotten. At least thats what 
the initiators of this actions hoped, but we must and WILL not do
them this pleasure!

Against the rascist police-terror!
Act - Don't accept police brutality!
Rascism kills!

Rosa Antifa Wien (raw@swi.priv.at)

Racism kills!

On May 1, 1999 a 25 year old Nigerian was murdered. During his deportation 
he was handcuffed, chained and his mouth was closed
with adhesive tape by the three escorting policemen, pretending that the 
other passengers of the deporting Balkan Air flight should not
be disturbed. Marcus O. suffocated. Sadness and rage are gripping us, but 
this sadness and rage are mixed with desperation because
we know that the murder of Marcus O. was no exceptional case.

On the contrary: This murder is part of the racistic continuity. When they 
say "... this is a regrettable accident..." or "...a slippage of one single
policeman..." then this is a shameless, cynic lie. Racistic attacks by the 
police against people with black skin are the daily practice. They are
dragged out of the subway, they are beaten up during routine craft controls, 
humiliated, strangled, tortured - murdered. And they have no chance to
defend themselves or to report their torturers, because if they do so they 
are the ones who are convicted of resistance against the executive power.
Does not everybody know how violent the drug-dealing "bimbos" are? (a judge: 
"....why don't we all just say bimbo that makes it easier for all of us
...."). In the last time more and more cases of assaults by the police 
became public, but not because they did not happen before but rather because
policemen became careless. No wonder, whatever becomes public about police 
methods has no consequences at all. No Policemen has to be
afraid of any consequence. And most likely the murderers of Marcus O. will 
also get away with it. We don't believe that the police will change their
attitude through punishment but if this murder and all other numerous cases 
of torture and abuse have no consequence than murder will continue in
Austria. And they all say they did not know ... "I don't no anything about 
such deportation customs ...." the minister of home affairs (Schloegl) tries
to assure us, and this although his predecessor (Loeschnak) had to admit 
that chaining and gagging are common practice. The chief in command of
public safety, Sika, knows how to impress with racistic statements such as: 
" .....who knows with what kind of physical strength THEY (meaning
the black Africans) resist and is careful with his criticism (against 
chaining and gagging)". Of course one resists when awaiting deportation into
death, war, rape, torture, hunger and poverty - one has nothing left to 
lose. What a pity for Schloegel & Co. that not even this can be used as a 
excuse for the humiliating, disdaining chaining and gagging of Marcus O., 
because both the airport personnel and the officers taking care of him
during deportation-prison before final deportation state that resistance was 
neither expected nor performed. And even if this was the case every
human being must have the freedom to defend his/her life! The leading 
figures in politics and the newspaper Kronen-Zeitung agree: It was a sad
accident. So they make the deportation-machinery more perfect. If some 
airlines refuse to take deported ones on board they have other solutions
ready: Military planes can also do it or even better, the European Community 
can coordinate group-deportation-flights. And then resisting "illegals"
can be chained and gagged and if this sight is all too unlovely they still 
can fix them up with a nice psycho-pharmacological shot (this is done
already anyway but now it will be legalized by law). .... but we know .... 
Handcuffing, chaining, suppressing screams with pillows, shots are all
common daily practice in the fortress Europe. Since 1992 1000 refugees have 
lost their life on the EU external borders, however, the exact number
of deportations into death is unknown. Who cares when an "illegal" person 
starves to death or is tortured, raped or murdered after deportation into
his home country. Deportation is torture - deportation is murder! No matter 
if directly or indirectly. In addition, the killing during deportation is
increasing. On September 22, 1998 the 20 year old Nigerian Semira Adamu was 
suffocated with a pillow by the Belgian police during the deportation
flight, a Rumanian's mouth was taped by the Dutch police in the same way as 
Marcus O's. He survived but suffers from cerebral damage caused by
a lack of oxygen and sits in a wheel chair. These are the cases that became 
public but how many more are unknown? And the consequences?
None! Not in Austria. The Belgian minister of home affairs had to resign but 
in Austria a campaign to support our minister Schloegl and his
collaborators started. In Belgium airlines that had performed deportations 
were put under such severe pressure that they refused to take part in such
practices any longer. In Austria Mr. Lauda is bragging with his patriotism 
in that in a constitutional state it is the duty of his airline to carry out
deportations, "these people are "illegals" and we have to get rid of them". 
The newspaper Krone pursues intensive racistic agitation and writes that
Marcus O. is responsible for his own death. The "voice of the nation" utters 
statements like: "he probably choked from a coke filled condom ..!" The
racistic propaganda of the mass media takes effect in that the association 
between "black skin and drug-dealer" is present in every head. Nobody
even thinks about resigning, the murdering policemen are not even suspended 
from duty!

     The wine-scandal had consequences but not a racistic murder committed 
by the Austrian government! THIS is Austria!
     Break up the racistic consent!
     Racism is killing!
     Nobody is illegal!
     We demand the resignment of Schloegel, Sika, Matzka!
     Down with the racistic police terror!
     Stop the killing!
     Down with the racistic laws!
     Freedom for all deportees!
     Open borders for all!

Rosa Antifa Wien (raw@swi.priv.at)


May 12th - International Action Day for Marcus.O.!

On May 1st Marcus O. was chained and his mouth was closed with a gummed tape 
by escorting policemen when he was deported from Vienna to
Sofia by airplane. asphysikated. Five days later his murderers are back in 
Austria, in freedom. Not even a suspension is planned, probably they will
get moved to other positions. The Ministry of the Interior, Karl Schloegl 
(SPOE- Social Democrats) is not thinking of a dismission and is supported
by his party and chancellor Klima (SPOE) without any conditions. As to 
opinion polls 88% of the Austrian population are against his dismission. The
same time there is discussion about common EUropean deportations or about 
deportations with army airplanes. The racist consensus in Austria is
so big, that the airline owner Niki Lauda (Lauda-Air) is proud to do 
deportations by his airline! The most-read newspaper (Kronen Zeitung) of 
country fulfills its racism at its worst: Marcus is guilty for his own 
death, the policemen had no choice, because he was in rage (this fact is 
by the Viennese airport personnel and the policemen who were responsible for 
him in prison!). Suddenly, after five days the murderers have a new
explanation for closong Marcus` mouth by a gummed tape: he was biting and to 
prove it, the said, that the would have biting wounds, which they
never had stated in their protocols. The autopsy is now being done by 
Austrian medical personnel- and we have fear, that they will hide the facts.
The racist instigation and atmospherein this country is getting worse! To 
stop murder and torture in this country needs a broad pressure against the
racist country Austria! This is why we appeal together with other 
organizations for an international action day on May 12th - please organize 
in and in front of Austrian embassies, organize demos,..., let us break 
their racist consensus!

     Open borders for anyone!
     Deportation is torture - deportation is murder!

Rosa Antifa Wien (raw@swi.priv.at)

P.S.: We had several spontaneous demos here in Vienna, the HQ of the SPOE 
was occupied very shortly for two times, more spontaneous actions
will follow... There are memorial gatherings in front of the Ministry of the 
Interior each day, and on saturday we will have a large common demo...

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Nanar - Ni dieu, ni maÓtre, ni ordre moral.
"Les anarchistes veulent, par la propagande, dÈtruire le principe
 d'autoritÈ dans les consciences et, par la rÈvolution, dÈtruire toute
 force organisÈe capable de contraindre les hommes ý agir contrairement
 ý leur volontÈ."
Errico Malatesta, l'Agitazione, 2 dÈcembre 1897,
"A nouveau sur le parlementarisme"



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