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From Wash <wash@ecn.org>
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:39:53 +0200
Subject globe_l: les aventures cellulaires d'un objo israČlien (en anglais toujours)

14 April 2001

Dear Friends,

Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, CO Gabby Wolf returned home after
his first term of imprisoned. Upon exit from prison he was given an
order to
report to military service again this Sunday (i.e. tomorrow, 15 Apr.) As
the previous round, he intends to come to the place where he is sent and

resist enlistment there. This means that he is expected to be imprisoned
the second time tomorrow.

I spoke to Gabby after he came home. He was in good spirit. He reported
he spoke to some of the other prisoners about the reasons for his
refusal to
serve in the army, and described responses as tolerant and sometime
sympathetic. He also added some more details about the terms of his
imprisonment and the circumstances in which they changed.

First, to correct an inaccuracy, Gabby was first allowed to have a
already on Friday, the 6th., and not last Monday, as I reported in my
previous message.

What happened that Friday was that the arrival of two appeals from
was brought to the attention of the prison authorities by some higher
echelon (probably the Ministry of Defence, though we have no way of
for sure). Since copies of these appeals were sent to the prison as
the prison authorities finally decided to have a look at their fax
(apparently they do not do so very often - still sending faxes is the
way of putting pressure on the authorities 'in real-time'). Having
discovered the many letters you wrote (did we thank you for that yet?)
decided to change their attitude.

On the last day of his arrest Gabby was finally given back his pen, and
it he was given 25 (!) postcards he could send out if he wanted. On the
morning of his release he was taken out of his cell to have a shower
(within four hours). Who said pressure doesn't work?

As I said, Gabby was released, but this is not yet the end of the story.
will probably have to spend at least another month and a half in prison
before the army finally lets him go. I will keep you updated on further
developments in his case.

Thank you for all your work!

All the best,
Sergeiy Sandler - COI & New Profile.



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