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From "nath" <vallet.nathalie@wanadoo.fr>
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 21:08:08 +0100
Subject globe_l: ICG Report: Kosovo Albanians in Serbian Prisons

As NGO's continue to provide some help to former Yugoslavs in their
decade-long oppression by the regime, the courts and jail system of Serbia
continues to draw break all international standards of conduct and treatment
of prisoners and those accused of crimes.  Thousands are jailed, not only
Albanians but also Serbian democratic activists and draft resisters.  If
progress is made to force the regime to conform to international legal
standards, the Serbs who are languishing in jails would also have some hope
for justice too.  So, Albanians and western NGO's are doing the work that
one day help free Serbians from their oppressors in Belgrade.

Submitted by
Nalini Lasiewicz
Lasiewicz Foundation
Los Angeles

C R I S I S W E B   N E W S
Thursday, January 27 2000

ICG's latest report "Kosovo Albanians in Serbian Prisons: Kosovo's
Unfinished Business (26 January 2000)" addresses a matter that has
received very little attention so far: the ongoing detention in Serbian
prisons of several thousand Kosovar Albanians who are subjected to
appalling conditions. While the international community does not itself
have the capacity to free these prisoners, it must find ways to exert
maximum pressure on Milosevic to order their release.

ICG's report attempts to clarify the somewhat complex situation, to make
available first-hand information about Serbian prison conditions
gathered in interviews with ex-prisoners and prisoners' family members,
to elucidate the pertinent legal issues, and to propose a series of
measures that governments and non-government organisations might take
toward identifying the prisoners and securing their release.

--> See http://www.crisisweb.org for the full report and the press



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