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From Andrew.Bacelis@directory.reed.edu (Andrew Bacelis)
Date 12 Jun 2000 15:10:51 PDT
Subject globe_l: Against Urban Wargames in Sweden

just like Urban Warrior in Oakland...

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From: Antti Rautiainen <antti@polly.phys.msu.su>
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Subject: Ahmatti2000 English summary
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:45:17 
Ahmatti2000 English summary

written for A-infos 12th of june 2000 by Antti R.

Finnish army organised biggest urban training this far during the
remilitarization era following the collapse of the iron curtain. "Ahma2000"
("Wolverine 2000") training organised in Helsinki 5th-9th of june 2000 faced
resistance in the form of "Ahmatti2000" ("Glutton 2000") campaign by various
anti-militarist organisations and anarchist individuals.

Week of resistance started by Food Not Bombs action 5th of june, over 200
hungry got warm food while state was investing more to killing people than
to letting them live.

6th of june a demonstration of about 100 persons started from military
headquarters of Kasarmitori, after a water pistol war with theme "no
wargames with tax money" march went through city center to military block at
Taivallahti. March was accompanied by "anti-militarist tattoo orchestra".

8th of june anti-militarist civil disobedience group "Muurinmurtajat" ("Wall
breakers") occupied army transport vehicle near Malmi airport. Police
arrested occupiers after 30 minutes, and they were freed later the same
evening. Muurinmurtajat has done numerous civil disobedience actions and
occupations during the last 4 years, such as the occupation of the Russian
embassy roof in Turku 28th of may this year.

9th of june activists occupied area around Mannerheim statue with signs
"waterwar training, soldiers not welcome", and started mindless shooting.
Later there was a common celebration in the same time while people planning
shooting others with more hard ammo left the city. Overall budget of
"Ahmatti2000" was some 80 US$, while "Ahma2000" was more than 8 million US$.
I suppose fun/investiment ratio of the state was worse this time.

Pictures and video materials from the resistance events available at

More info:
or Aseistakieltaytyjaliitto/Union of consciencious objectors,

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