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From acratik@club-internet.fr
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:44:16 +0200
Subject globe_l: Paris 1er mai 2001/ Pique-Nique avec la CNT-AIT (STCPP)

Paris 1er mai 2001/ Pique-Nique avec la CNT-AIT (STCPP)

Rendez vous convivial ý partir de 11 heures sur le quai Valmy, entre le
rue EugËne Varlin et la rue Ecluses Saint Martin. Paris 10Ëme. MÈtro
Ch’teau Landon ou Gare de l'Est.
En cas de pluie, RDV Sous l'arche du 121/123 quai de valmy.

amenez vos sandwiches etc..

Syndicat des Travailleurs, chÙmeurs, prÈcaires de Paris, 
BP 352 75526 Paris Cedex 11 

(abonnement gratuit de deux numÈros du Combat syndicaliste, bimestriel
de la CNT sur simple demande ý cette adresse)

Ci dessous dÈclaration en Anglais du secrÈtariat de l'AIT pour le 1er
Mai 2001.
First of May Day 2001: 


We see now in the beginning of the 21th Century rapid changes and
expansion of the system we call capitalism. The freedom for some is the
slavery for the vast majority. The profit is privatised and the rich are
getting richer, but the costs, risks and oppression are socialised. The
mobility of the investors is a freedom from obligations towards the
employees, the old, the young, the ill, the unemployed, the nature and
the communities. The multinational Temporary Work Agencies are making a
commercial industry of the same trend.

This economical, social and cultural conquest- called globalisation- is
done by force. USA`s status as the world premier power is unlikely to be
contested by any single challenger and they dominate the military,
economic, technological and cultural dimensions of power. The
development of monetary, and more integrated military blocks as the EU
and South East Asia increases the competition and tension towards the
USA, but they all agree in using institutions as IMF and WTO to exploit
the so-called Third World. But again, freedom for the capital means
oppression, prisons, fences and fortresses for the ones that want to
escape from the worst consequences of the exploitation.

One of the United States main objectives is both to manipulate and
accommodate the countries in the "corridor" from the Baltic countries,
Poland, through East and Central Europe, to the Balkans, Turkey, the
Caspian Sea and the Caucasus, the former Central Asian Soviet Republics,
to Xinjiang and to Tibet. This is to reduce and undermine European,
Russian and South- East Asian ambitions and to get control of vast oil-
and natural resources.

USA policy towards Russia is the "whip and carrot". They co-operate and
try to control them economically, but at the same time they undermine
Russia by developing interests in the "Eurasian Corridor" as for example
supporting an oil pipeline from Caucasus through Turkey to the
Mediterranean Sea.

It is in this context we must see the new strategic concept of NATO of
having mobile units of soldiers that can defend "western" interests as
in the Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo or wherever they are on the globe. NATO is
also experimenting with new "conventional" bombs with nuclear explosives
in mines in Northern Norway. ItÌs a further development of the
ammunition used in the Gulf and Balkans causing so much death and
serious injuries. The military laboratories and the arms industry must
be kept with orders after the fall of the "Iron Curtain".

The human rights policy is subordinated the interests of the NATO.
Chechnya is accepted as a domain of the Russians. The new painted
ex-Bolsheviks can continue with the war, violations, cleansing and
torture without any interference from western mass media. Turkey is kept
as an allied whatever oppression of the workers and the Kurds. 

Central- and South America is left as a backyard of the USA. It was no
coincidence that the riot of the Zapatistas started the First of January
1994, the same date as the NAFTA agreement between Canada, USA and
Mexico was into function. The "Plan Colombia" is a plan for military
intervention to secure access to natural resources, especially oil, and
to gain control to a geopolitical strategic region in order to continue
the implementation of the planned FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) 

The capitalist barbarism is everywhere on all continents of the world.
The multinationals find no profits in developing medicines for the poor
in Africa. In Bangladesh young women workers (children) are locked into
the garments factories, causing death and injuries by fire. In the FTAA
country Argentine, there are social unrest against the cut of the social
budget of 8 000 million US Dollars in three years to satisfy the demands
of the IMF.

To these and other examples we as anarchosyndicalists ask: What are the
consequences for the human beings? How can we as workers fight for

This is not the first time the capitalism has moved into a global
direction. The industrial period from 1870 to 1914 was also
characterised by new forms of production and expansion. Capitalist
development creates both oppression and revolt as in the First of May
1886 in Chicago where the workers were striking for the 8 hours day. The
4th of May a provocatory bomb exploded. The blame was put on the
anarchists. Parsons, Fischer, Engel, Spies, Lingg Schwab, Neebe and
Fielden were arrested. Of them Parsons, Fischer, Engel and Spies were
hanged. Lingg died in prison. These Haymarket Martyrs belong to the
international proletariat, and the universal celebration of May Day
commemorates these crimes perpetrated by defenders of  "free enterprise"
in the United States.

The period 1870-1914 ended with the slaughter in the First World War.
The IWA- the inheriting of the First International recovers the
anti-militarist tradition and proposes boycotts against the
manufacturing of arms and general strike against the war. Sections and
Friends of the International have been, and are active against the war
in Chechnya, the Balkans and now Colombia.

The IWA`s anarchosyndicalist identity makes us develop the direct
actions according to our strenght- not relying on subsidies or other
offers from our enemies. Against the increasingly assimilation of
traditional factors belonging to the opposition such as the workers
movement at a cultural, political, unionist and social level, we refuse
to integrate our free associations into the capitalist system. The
reformist workers unions today are service organisations and burdens on
the back of the workers, not free tools for the workers self -activity
and self-emancipation. Class collaboration as for example participating
in "union elections" under state schemes means loosing- not increasing
strenght. You canÌt survive by eating the cheese in the mousetrap.

Capitalism is an automatic machine producing human and ecological
misery, children exploit, unemployment, fascism and wars. The IWA`s goal
is to replace the capitalism and the state by 
the free federation of workers free associations- libertarian communism.
Only proletarian internationalism can resist the barbarism. There are
good signs of resistance against globalisation as we have seen in
Seattle and Prague, but we should not have any illusions about alliances
containing organisations using their opportunity to rescue the
capitalism from itself- functioning as lightning conductors against
self- emancipatory struggles and initiatives.

The IWA and its Sections and Friends have started the year 2001 with
international coordinated actions for the parador Miguel in Granada,
Amelia in MINIT in Madrid, Jean Louis fired from a NGO in Montpellier
and later harassed by the police, against the arrests of antifascists in
the Czech Rep., against violations, kidnappings and harassments in
Colombia and support of the workers at Lebenshilfe in Bremen. In
22/23/24 of June the IWA will organise a conference about immigration in
Milano. Later the IWA will coordinate actions against the multinational
Temporary Work Agencies- enterprises making profits from selling slave

These and other activities are steps for a further development of the
International Workers Association.

Against global capitalism- for workers self-emancipation!

Long live the IWA!

Oslo the 12th of April 2001
IWA- Secretariat



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